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Overcoming challenges

  • Approximately 80% of UK companies fail within the first year according to figures from the ONS.

  • Uniquely positioning your brand and understanding your consumer, their needs, motivations and desires will create a great platform for growth.

  • Approaching the wrong retailer, or at the wrong time of your development can easily lead to frustration.

Top 10 retail engagement tips

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independent retailers

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Brand design is at our heart and through our expertise and experience we can guide you on your journey to retail listings and brand success. Here are some top tips to engage stakeholders along the way.

Retail growth

Retailers are central to the success of brands. Understanding their requirements and challenges is a vital part of the approach.


Matching your brand, product and target market with the appropriate partners can save a lot of pain and wasted effort.

We've experienced all sides of the process from big brands to start-ups, from working with retailers to developing our own brands.

your guide

This process is engineered to grab the attention of retailers, engage them with your plans, develop symbiotic relationships and grow your business, alongside building a brand that consumers will love!


Every business is unique but whether you are a start-up hoping to get a foothold in local independents or an established business with national retailer listings, engaging in this process will grow your brand.

We have created a guide that can take any manufacturer of consumable products from conception to success with consumers and the national retailers. It encompasses the latest brand and marketing techniques, an understanding of consumer psychology, retailer engagement and techniques to maximise profit and sales.

consumable wisdom guide

🔑 How to motivate your consumers.

🔑 How to get the most from your web-site and social media.

🔑 How to create win/win with your retailers.

🔑 How to reframe price and bring your shoppers with you.

🔑 How to make your sales approach bullet proof.

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