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Nick & Helen

Over the last 30 years we have created and launched many successful brands. We’ve been through the journey many times, ensuring clients are fit for market and attain listings with the most appropriate retail partners.


Two people with nearly 60 years of combined agency experience, working with businesses from start-up companies to international brands: Creating brands, challenging the norm and achieving exceptional results.


Established in 2002, we have big agency experience with little agency overheads, and hands on, enthusiastic, personal service.


We collaborate with our clients to create brands and work together to realise their ambitions.

Nick Lock

Nick Lock

Nick is passionate about branding and consumer psychology. He keenly uses all his artistic talents to investigate how behaviour can be positively influenced. Throughout the 1990’s Nick redesigned some of the most familiar supermarket brand leaders, in the 2000’s Nick guided many challenger brands to success.


In the 2010’s Nick worked with national retailers resulting in exponential growth, by the 20’s Nick starting his own brands and worked to inspire Morrison’s ready meal buyers.

nick lock portfolio
Helen Lee.png

Helen Lee

People, their behaviour and reactions fascinate Helen. She is a graduate of English literature and started her career in publishing. In the 1990’s she rose to board level in an advertising agency.


Since 2005 Helen has guided all of Carrot Juice’s clients, actively listening and supporting along the journey. Helen has completed her masters in contemporary relational studies.

helen lee thoughts

The impact of branding and marketing on businesses is notoriously hard to quantify.

The graphs below track the assets (less liabilities) of some of our clients and the orange bars are the years of our involvement or whilst influenced by our branding.


All data published by companies house, names withheld for discretion.

clients' growth in assets
clients' growth in assets
profit results
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