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Finlay's Beverages is part of the global Swire Group who not only own many coffee and tea plantations around the world, but are also the largest UK producers of coffee and tea.

We created:

The London Coffee Co. as a coffee pod brand.

Farthings as a budget tea bag brand.

Café Express as a food service brand.

Hoxton Style as a cold brew nitro coffee brand.

LCC pod packs.png
Coffee pod ad.png
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farthings tea
farthings tea pack
café express
hoxton style nitro coffee
hoxton style nitro pump

Pumping nitrogen gas, which is naturally found in air, through beer transforms the taste and experience and has given us Guinness.


London baristas have discovered that the same is true of coffee, transforming cold brew coffee into a creamy richer experience. Served hot or cold, mixed with flavoured syrups or alcoholic spirits, this is a truly new experience.

Hoxton style coffee contains no calories or additives and has been especially blended to create a fantastic taste when infused with nitrogen gas.

We have worked with beer dispense specialists to ensure a stylish presentation for your customers in coffee shops and bars.

Expect bar calls like:

'I'll have a Hoxton Russian" (coffee & vodka)

"A Hoxton Irish" (coffee & whiskey)

"A Hoxton Jamaican" (coffee & rum)

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