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Our regular contact with supermarket buyers led us to create brands of our own. By simply asking what gaps they would like to fill, we could create ideal offerings.


We worked with a food development specialist and a category manager and called the team Hungry Minds.

We are looking forward to taking these to market and are seeking manufacturers.

Breakfast logo.png

It is widely understood that eating a hearty breakfast, so that you use calories when you are most active, is far better for your circadian rhythm than consuming your calorific intake in the  evening.


We questioned why the convenience of ready meals is aimed mostly at evening meals. We tend to be most hurried in the mornings, yet habitually we reach for cereal, yogurt, smoothies or fruit.


This range of meals are like a great hotel breakfast that can be popped in the oven whilst your getting ready for work or having a lazy weekend, all you'd need to do is add an egg!

Breakfast King packs.png
pnickety logo

As parents of fussy children ourselves, we plotted this range to present healthy vegetables in the disguise of foods that they love.

The cards that can be seen through the hole in the sleeve show the fresh vegetables and health benefits. They can be removed before your children inspect what they are having for their meal. Leaving them with just a tasty picture of the end result.

pnickety advert

We love the McDonald’s sausage breakfast patties and discovered that there were very few pork burgers on the market. The received opinion was that pork burgers (versus beef) lack flavour.


We think that this is an opportunity to create signature flavours priced in competition with the premium sausage market.

Based on the travelings of our 17th Century hero, who sailed the world collecting flavours.

The brand and flavours can then extend into meatballs and pork crackling.

Buckhams scene map.png
saucy gees logo

One of the UK's family favourites, sausages are big business. After the revolution in premium sausages it became difficult to add value.

We added sachets of sauces, flavour paired with the sausage, that can be heated simply by putting it in a cup of hot water, adding interest to the meal.

saucy gees packs
tipsy chef logo

Since the growth of service like Hello Fresh and Gusto we felt that the freshness of the ingredients had been compromised as they scaled up. We want to provide the recipes and smaller ambient items required, allowing customers to select their own fresh produce.

All of the cooking instructions are printed on the inside of a box which can be fully opened and flattened. Sachets enclosed would be recyclable wherever possible.

This format would be a great way for farm shops to compete with the home delivery market as fresh ingredients and the relevant tipple can be bought at the same time.

tipsy chef packs
Tipsy Chef Packs
tipsy chef kits
tipsy chef beef artwork
tipsy chef beef artwork reverse
tipsy chef pork artwork
tipsy chef pork artwork reverse
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We believe that every commodity in the supermarkets can be improved by the introduction of brands with values.


Uncooked proteins like chicken can be a confusing choice for consumers: organic, free range, corn fed, British, Taste the Difference?


We believe that, similar to the success of Happy Eggs, a simple welfare message would help consumer to make better choices.

we love chicken packs
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