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Wagg & Harringtons

The Wagg brand was well known and sat in a price point between the national brands and own label in the supermarkets.


With their existing portfolio of products the team were spending a lot of time and energy discussing margins and price with retailers, leaving them in a constant tug of war. We recommended creating a premium brand at the other end of the price spectrum, resulting in the business being far more stable, with improved negotiating power.

The design borrowed traditional cues from the beer market to emphasise its Yorkshire farmer personality.


Harrington’s is said to be one of the fastest growing brands since Innocent smoothies and company profits more than doubled.

Harrington's Dry dog food
Harrington's wet dog food
Harrington's dog treats
Harrington's wet puppy food
harringtons card sleeve
harringtons treats

The Wagg brand lacked the "Ahhh" factor and we discussed how more eye contact with the pets could improve the  emotional connection with pet owners. Using a lighter, textured background colour helped to differentiate for the competitors. We also crafted the logo to improve legibility.

old wagg packs
wagg packs
wagg range
wagg small animal
wagg purr
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