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Plumbing the depths

A number of years ago we were tasked with designing a brand to replace the Pets at Home own label offering, for the small animal category, to add as much interest to the shelf as possible. The aim to encourage more regular visits and customer curiosity. The larger retail outlets were struggling at the time, due to pressure from online sales and the expanding remit of the supermarkets and discounters. Our mission to create and enhance the experience.

We created the Woodlands, a fictional place similar to Hundred Acre Wood with a cast of characters that we could bring to life in store, online and on the back of pack, we even created hand drawn animations to engage the younger audience.

Each of these character had depth and we wrote personality profiles for each one. Like all of the best characters we started with a flaw… We all know that Scooby and Shaggy were stoners but it was never explicitly declared. One of the characters was even based on my Dad. We never described their personalities to customers but they formed the foundation of all of their interactions.

The seemingly simple looking pictures are like the tip of an iceberg above the water, their longevity and potency comes from the mass below.

This animation was created for Pets at Home's supplier conference to introduce the gear change from simply selling own brand goods.

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