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The business was in its infancy when we met. We worked closely with Monalisa for the first 18 months to bring her dream to reality. From branding to exhibitions, tasting events, sales channels, consumer research, award entries, social media and business consultancy, we worked together to bring the brand to market and Saffron Tree launched into its first independent retailers in June 2019.

We started with some research to gauge reactions to branding, useage occasions and portion sizes, we moved away from black plastic cartons that could not be recycled and created branding that delivered the magic and demonstrates the premium.

The client had previously commissioned some packaging design for her premium authentic Indian curry ready meal range.

The packs lacked structural integrity and were falling apart on construction.

old saffron tree packs
Saffron Tree Tiffin Box
saffron tree packs

We were captivated by her story about her grandmother teaching her the recipes from a young age, and discussed how the branding and packaging format lacked the magic of her story, so created new designs with a die-cut tree and foil blocked logo.

gosht ka salan
bagara rice
achari murg
vegetable korma
saffron tree story

As the brand awareness and retailer numbers grow, this is now a multi-award winning business. The brand is now listed in Waitrose and has featured on the Hairy Biker’s go North.

saffron tree inspiration

Tiffin carriers or dabbas are a kind of lunch box used widely in India for tiffin meals. They are stacked tins to enable separation of your main meal, rice and bread or dessert.

We wanted to keep this feature and engineered a cardboard tray carrier that you can slide your meal selection into from the side.

tiffin pack
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