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scratch and newton logo

This start up business invented the first hutch cover and was going to call the business ‘Hutch Huggers’. We created the characters Scratch & Newton in order to allow for future innovation.

We have been instrumental in new product development with Scratch and Newton and have recently created sibling brands for dogs and cats.

The brand was so well received by Pets at Home they commissioned Carrot Juice to create many brands for themselves, replacing own label products.

old hutch huggers
before stamp
hutch hugger
hutch snuggle
run shade
ice pod
cosy pod
bottle snug
scratch and newton packs
muddy pup
wolf whistle
cool pool
canine café
cool pad
cool pad packs
cool pad packs
kit y ladder
kit y cot
kit y café

As a joint venture we created the Larkins brand to open up more natural products.

Larkins animated
larkins rabbit treats
larkins hay blend
larkins cosy hide
larkins hay hopper
larkins hay café
larkins cosy corner
larkins hutch
larkins run
larkins signpost.png
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